#TeamADL passionate about ‘Fueling the wellbeing of SENCOs / SEND Leaders’.  SENCO wellbeing matters!  

Anita Devi ignited the discussion on SENCO wellbeing in 2009.  In 2021, the baton for this blog was handed over to Jenny Bowers, as part of the #TeamADL editorial board expansion. 

This blog compliments the #Leader5ADay blog by Cole Andrew as well as the #TeamADL inclusion blog #Tadmin_ADL

Anita and Jenny are currently writing a book on SENCO wellbeing; which will be published in 2022.

About Jenny

Jenny is passionate about empowering educators to excel. She believes that a culture built on ensuring excellent wellbeing, where coaching and supervision is an entitlement for staff, enabling them to work to the very best of their abilities. This means they will have a good work life balance and good mental and physical health. Jenny is very focussed on her purpose and from the tender age of 3, she knew she wanted to work in education. After, pursuing a degree that had a year at university in the USA and a gap year to experience work in other sectors, this became a reality, with Jenny training as a 3–11-year-old specialist. Jenny has taught in different areas in England and in addition to teaching has been DSL, SENCO, deputy head and headteacher. In all these roles, staff wellbeing as been at the heart of Jenny’s approach. She continues to serve in this area through coaching and supervision. You can engage with jenny via Twitter @jennypurplemoon (ask her about the moon image … it is quite a story!)


#TeamADL is a non-for-profit multi-agency team of specialists, committed to developing people, growing organisations and strengthening localities. Find out more at www.teamadl.uk

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